Color Manila Run :Hue Festival

Color Manila Run is a fun run event to  experience the most energetic and happiest hue marathon. There is no competition in the run, it is more on running at your own pace and carry the colors of experience.

With the numerous advent of fun run, surely this will be join by many since this event is a unique way to enjoy road running. That’s why we really want to participate on the said Color Manila Run.

So…..We joined the color blast challenge last April 2015.  we registered on the said event and got our  Tanktop Singlet, Race bib, Sunglasses w/ strap, Finishers’ dog tag, and color packet.

We  totally had a blast!   Here’s our FUN-FILLED FUN RUN experience!!!



Gear up!   Put on a sunscreen and do not  forget to apply the oiling  (this will help you to remove the colour stain  easily after the event). Be early.




Join Forces – Run with others. Its more fun if you can also invite your family or friends. the more the merrier.


Warm up routine – for  us our warm up is GROUPIE. more pics more energy! you will see the before and after looks!


Pump up the Beat.  – stay energized and dig in to keep up your pace.

Embrace the Challenge – stay motivated. we jumped on to the rainbow tires, gets burst on each color station and crawled on those colored sands.

Party and Celebrate for your Achievement! – Yey We did it!





Do it Again! – Indeed, It was fun and colorful  experience fun run in the metro!


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