Canyon Cove : Mom’s Day Out

Every year,as May approaches sons and daughters around the world prepare something for every unsung heroine in our life to celebrate Mother’s day. Here in Manila, we commend mothers every second week of May to thank and make them feel special.  Either surprise them to go watch movies, give them a present like flowers or hangout for some beauty pampering treats.

Hence, I’m so happy that my husband take us out for a weekend getaway and celebrate Motherhood in Nasugbu Batangas in Canyon Cove together with her Mom and my sister-in-law last year (2015)

Herewith is short video of our  Canyon Cove stay-cation :

It is a perfect time to relax and enjoy the mothers day/ summer vacay. It is front beach hotel with amiable facilities. Well, its not so luxurious as it is on the picture but still its beautiful isolated place in the hustle and bustle of Manila.

Directions to Canyon Cove:

By car: Two ways: Either take Coastal Road – Cavitex – Tagaytay – Nasugbu OR the way we took which was SLEX – Santa Rosa – Tagaytay – Nasugbu.
By commute: Buses from Pasay are abundant, When you get to Nasugbu town proper, take a tricycle to the resort.

The Lobby 



It is spacious and has comfy chairs, you can also take a landscape view of the entire resort on the balcony. Wi-fi is available on this area. For the other facilities like play station, billiards and  computers you have to pay for it. well not everything is for free, but we can still enjoy some of their facilities.






The view


 Time for “Groupfies”



Hotel grounds are big enough to play and roam around. the resort is not that new but atleast it can accommodate group of people and has enormous space. There is also a playground for kids to enjoy.


The Room


rooms are homey and very comfortable, there is a side bed beside window. bathrooms were not that well-maintained but the room space were big enough.


The Beach and Pool




Nasugbu one of the finest beach in Batangas,with blue clear waters. Oh well, you cant really compare it with Boracay sand but still it far more better that the other beaches in the south.




pool recliners gives the the perfect blend of comfort and relaxation. swimming areas are great but sometimes it is crowded because they are accepting day tours. well, i would still opt to swim in the beach and just enjoy  the glimpse on  the pool landscape.

The Food

In terms of food choices, there are only two options available in the resort. one is the Max’s Restaurant where we had our lunch and dinner and the barbecue hub in the pool area.


All in all, We totally enjoyed our motherhood celebration in Canyon Cove! we are  thrilled with my husband treats to us. I’m hoping that this coming mother’s day we might visit some resort in Luzon North areas like La union, Pangasinan etc.

How about you guys? what is  your plan for this coming mother’s day. whatever your plan is I hope that everyone will give their mothers something special and make them feel they are appreciated. Here are some ways how we can show a little of our love with our momma, mama, inay, nanay, nanang, mamsie, mamita, inang or mother on their special day.

  • show some intimacy  – so what would mother’s day be like without hugs and kisses all around? when is the last time we said i you to them? Now is the right time.
  •  Time for bonding – Give them your schedule. invite them out or ask for a movie  (it can be at home).
  • Pamper them –  Massage or Salon treat
  • Chitchat- find a way to talk to them. add a humor to your conversation or make them laugh
  • Sweet treats – hand them notes.

Let’s inject some laughter and love once in while with our mothers especially on their day. hope you guys enjoyed reading this.

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