Travelling: Only for “the rich”? Here are some travel saving tips that can help you plan and book your trips!


A lot of people think that travelling is for those who are well-off or wealthy elites (which, I totally disagree). Wealthy people travel and they travel quite a lot, not just for leisure but also for work or business.. Rich people travel often for both work and leisure because money opens the doors to accessing more and more traveling.  I am quite lucky as I have been travelling for the past months and enjoying my vacation. My friends or relatives thought or could say that I am rich or at least well off. To clear it out, NO, it is not true! This being said, it is more complicated than just NO. That is why I disagree that travel is just for the “can-afford.” Everyone can visit our dream destination either local or outside of the country.  If money can really buy something, then it could buy the doors for different opportunities and traveling is one of those main doors. Just like any other travelers or tourist, I love learning about different cultures from other cities or provinces. I love experiencing new places and meeting new people. I super duper  love beaches.  I get an overwhelming feeling whenever I step on a new town or a new country.  I love it more when I get to travel without spending too much! So how do I get make these happen?!?

Below are Travel Tipid trips  you should do:

  1. Plan your travels ahead of time.  cal RESEARCH!  At least six months before your preferred date you, do some research and inquire about your trip.   .
  2. Look out for Promos – Watch for PISO or ZERO seat sales during holidays. Sometimes this will make us go crazy and book a lot of travels but its really worth waiting since th rates are too low compared with the regular air fares.
  3. Compare rates – Remember to do this to get better deals!  This will help you to find better rates with the airfares and accommodation. It will also give us additional information and savings!!! Yes?!? tons of savings   Try to check the following websites for comparisons : Skyscanner, Trip Advisor Ph , etc hipmunk, coztravel. 


     4.   Create your Itinerary – this is necessary for your trip as this will be your ultimate                   guide for your trip.  If you are too busy on doing this you might want to download                   travel apps for a quick Itinerary path finder. E.g. Visit a city App



5. Budget Estimates (Transporation, Food, itinerary activities , Visa Fee, Terminal fee, Baggage, etc)  Don’t forget to include the discounts if you will use credit card on booking hotels or airfare.  e.g. bdo, citibank  5% off in agoda and other booking sites. for travelling abroad: Don’t forget to notify your bank that you will use your card for lower conversion rates.

6. Bring Food and water – This is SOP 🙂

7. Travel off season  – Lower rates and not crowded

8.  Ask for friend/relative tips for your destination – much better if you could chitchat with someone you know who already went/ living there.

10.  Commute – This is not bad at all. Don’t negotiate for airport transfers through a middleman, ask around, know how to get where you want to, so you don’t have to pay for extra service or for convenience.

11.  Scout for the best hotel – Look for the not just the best but convenient accommodation. aside from Trip advisor you might.

12.  Travel light and easy–  If you can just handcarry your luggage or backpack, the better.  Saves time in waiting for your baggages to come out from the airplane too..


In tipid travelling, you just need to be more witty in doing so.  I already  have  a family of my own and I need to spend wisely to fund all our  travel galore! Since I have this desire to conquer places  not that just the Philippines but the rest of the world, I need to plan our budget travels so that I can fully enjoy it without worrying for our expenses. It is not about being rich or middle class, travelling is just a way of life. Some people find it refreshing and some find it tiring. Travelling is for our mind, body and soul, not just a luxury or necessity. I hope you learn something from this!

As the cliché goes, “EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER!” Let’s Go! and don’t be afraid to Explore!



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