Boracay: Ultimate Tropical Island Experience

The Philippine Government has announced that Boracay will close to tourists from April 26, 2018 up to six months to allow for the environmental rehabilitation. (See Closure expectations Below.)

*Video content is just our vacation captures on March 2018

We’ve been able to experience Boracay  once again last month and I think this is really a good timing since the government announced possible closure and rehabilitation plan.(which was announced last week)

Boracay is the  Philippines’  top tropical island destination know for its white sand beaches with perfect scenic adventures spot.

We felt lucky because we visited the island last month and  how we watched and fell in love with the powdery white sand and sunset a million times. It’s not a surprise for everyone to spend their vacation at this paradise.

What to expect from Boracay closure ? 

Will this be a wise move from the Government? Not doing anything about the Island however, will affect the environment in the long run. For me , This will also helps the Island to revert its Island maidenhood.  As highlighted by a lot of environmental  enthusiast , the current  developments here would be detrimental not only for the locals and the tourists of today, but the generations to come. I’m hoping that the government is will take this seriously and not just any reprehension on its environmental projects or platforms.

Closure will begin on April 26. The 6-month period announced on Tuesday is the maximum period. If the clean-up of the island goes smoothly and is sped up, there could be a “soft opening” of Boracay to tourists in “3 to 4 months,” said by the Govt

Boracay will be closed to foreign and local tourists. Entry and exit of residents will not be barred.


  • Duterte will Release Funds for Clean Up
  • Government to Validate Establishments on Compliance and regulations especially on the Sewage and disposal systmem
  • Dismantling of Illegal structures in the Island
  • Government offers calamity funds would to help individuals whose livelihood will be affected by the closure.
  • Violators/Owners of establishments proven to have violated laws may face cease and desist orders and even criminal cases.


If Boracay will re-open after the 6 month rehabilitation drive hope notes below will be useful on your Boracay Trip :

Filipino’s concern is spending and asking if Boracay can be considered as touristy vacation will be practical?  This island will prove that no one needs to spend a lot to experience this paradise.
Saving Tips in Boracay:
  • Visit the Grotto of Virgin Mary. Dont ride a cab take a walk instead.
  • At the Dmall, Just to the Window Shopping,
  • Avoid the crowd and head to Puka Shell Beach.
  • Instead the Paraw Sailing, watch the sunset and eat Snack nearest the beach side.
  • Spend more on activities and food rather than a luxurious hotel room.
  • Limit your spending. Bring money that is just right for your activity.
  • Book your room accommodation directly from the hotel and not from agencies or online booking websites to avoid extra charges.
  • Instead of partying at the club, you can just spend the night on a few drinks watching fire dancers.
Activities to Try: Flying Fish, Banana Boat, Cliff Diving, ATV , Jetski , Club / Bar Hopping etc


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