Tips on How to Get Australian Tourist Visa for Filipinos within 3 working days : Requirements & How to Apply Online

I would like to share my experience on how I was able to get our Visa within 3 days. I know this sounds crazy, but up-to now I’m surprised that my husband, Kid and I got our Visa that fast. Basically, the standard time ETA for Filipinos applying for Australia Visa is one month. We submitted our application on April 5 (Thursday night ) and receive the Visa grant April 12 (as per my counting it only took 3 days since April 9 is holiday)

I can say that It  is easy to get an Australian tourist visa. But you can still apply via VFS Global, if you want a  hassle-free way to do everything online.

The visa type you need is called “Visitor visa” (subclass 600). Under this visa, there are two types: Tourist and Business. According to VFS, a tourist is a person visiting Australia temporarily “for a holiday, for a visit to relatives or friends, or for other short-term non-work purposes, including study for less than three months.”In our case, each of us was granted multiple entries in Australia for 1 year from April 2018  to April 2019, and each arrival enables us to stay for period of 3 months. The process is probably the same  through VFS Global.

Visa Application Fees (Cost per Person)

The cost per application per applicant is 140 AUD plus surcharge or roughly PHP 5645 plus surcharge. Payments are made after you have completed filling up all the needed information. payment mode : Credit or Debit Card.

Here’s How we did it:

  1. Read and Research Online.  – Get Insights and  Visit websites, forums and articles specifically on how to get an Australian Tourist Visa. I suggest you read something who have already done and experienced the whole process and have done it successfully. Remember that AUD Visa fees isn’t cheap at all.
  2. Create an Immi Account –  an account with, the Australian government’s official Immigration website. It is important to create an ImmiAccount because the whole process will be done on this website. IMMi111

After This, you will be redirected to a 20-page application form that asks for all of your personal information, travel history, and your proposed time of travel to the country.  You don/t necessarily finish everything you can always go back to the pages and save the information.

3.Accomplished the Forms.  – like what I’ve said, It’s okay. You can SAVE the changes and continue editing in the future. As long as you SAVE it (and NOT SUBMIT), you can keep on editing the form.DO NOT SUBMIT THE FORM if you’re not done yet.

Note: If travelling in a group and you are the main applicant, you only need to login to your IMMI account. Next is go to the new application link to lodge another application for each group member. Under ‘Group Processing’ you need to supply the Group ID and Group name also for each application.

IMG_9838 (1)

4.-Attached the required Documents  you will find a dashboard where you can upload the required and not-required-but-great-to-have documents. The key is to submit as many types as you can.(60 attachments maximum to applicant)  the limit for each file is 5MB.

I suggest that you organize the file name for each documents  so the file assessor can easily track the arrangement of your documents.

–  Dela Cruz Juan old passport page 1, Dela Cruz  old passport page 2, Dela Cruz old passport Nth page.

Please see the ff requirements for attachment:

  • Info page of passport.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Passport-size photograph
  • Passport Pages (Old and Current)
  • Visas.  – (Previous and Current) We scanned all the pages of our old and current passports that have stamps.
  • Fund Evidence  prove that you have the financial capability to do this trip. The more of these documents you can provide, the better: personal bank statements, pay slips, tax records (ITR) or credit card limit. In my case, I submitted a copy of my bank statement, pay slips, and credit cards . (No need to show a bigger amount just enough funds for your stay will be fine) I suggest that you should include mortgage documents e.g. house / car and Investment or Life insurances as additional  you don’t need to bank up millions you just need to show funds for  your trip on that duration estimated  EUR 120 per day of stay.
  • Evidence of strong ties in the Philippines. Any document that can prove you’re returning to the Philippines:
    – If employed, certificate of employment stating your intention to return to your job
    – If self-employed, business registration documents
    – If student, certificate of enrollment
    – You can also submit documents proving you own property or other significant assets (land titles, etc.)
  • Daily itinerary for your stay in Australia. I Include Cover Letter and Summary of our Plan on the said Trip

Additional documents that are not required that I submitted (I think these can also help you with your application)

Cover Letter with Itinerary , Round Trip Tickets , Hotel Reservation  , Credit Cards , Life Insurance and Mortgage letters 



5.Submit your Application and PAY the FEES  . Review all the details. Once your 100 percent sure then you can proceed to the final stage and pay Visa Fees .Once payment is done, you should be able to receive an acknowledgement letter and receipt on your email. You can also access it in your ImmiAccount.


IMG_9844 (1)

Be Positive and have Faith . I hope  was able to help .I can’t give assurance that processing time will be as fast as ours but what I’m sure that, as long as you have all of your requirements and your intentions are clear,  you shouldn’t really worry about getting denied. 🙂

Herewith is the Sample of the Australian Visa:



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